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The Launch of New Phyzix MD Products: Immun-D and Active

We're excited to launch two new Phyzix MD products.

Bonvera is launching two new Phyzix MD products to help you live a better life. Four times out of the year, Bonvera hosts National Training Events (or NTEs, as we call them) where Bonvera entrepreneurs from all over the country gather for a weekend to learn about building the Bonvera business, network with our entrepreneurs, and have fun building a community and culture together. Oftentimes, at these big events, major announcements and updates are made and released. This year, at our October National Training Event in St. Louis, Missouri, our CEO, Bob Dickie, released the launch of two new Phyzix MD products including Immun-D and Active. Discover all the health and supplemental information you need about these products from Phyzix MD doctor and formulator, Dr. Jeff Davis.

Written by Dr. Jeff Davis:

Immun-D is one of the new Phyzix MD products we're launching.
Immun-D is one of our new Phyzix MD products designed to provide Vitamin D for a healthy immune system and strong bones!


Vitamin D is critical for health. Almost every cell in our body has a D3 receptor. These receptors influence the expression of over 200 genes. Some of these important functions regulate calcium absorption in the gut, support immune function, and regulate growth factors and neuromuscular function. With the sheer number of biological functions dependent on D3 its no wonder that deficiency is such a health concern. Its estimated that over 70% of Americans are deficient (lab values less than 30 ng/ml).

Vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins and can bioaccumulate in adipose tissue. As with all fat-soluble vitamins, too little is bad for you and too much can be just as detrimental. The best source of D3 is from sunlight but because of our modern lives under artificial light and remaining indoors most of the day, we aren’t getting enough of the sun’s powerful rays. Even something as simple as a car window can block a significant portion of the light spectrum.

Another reason for the prevalence of D3 deficiency is the Daily Recommended Intake recommendations. Currently, the DRI for D3 is 400-600 IUs. This is strange for us as clinicians since we frequently have to use 5,000 IUs per day just to get the level above 30. Dr. Paul Veugelers at the University of Alberta School of Public Health re-analyzed the original data set and found a statistical error. The previous recommendation was off by a factor of 10. Interestingly, when Finland corrected their D3 fortification to match the newer recommendation of 4,000 – 6,000 IUs they saw a flattening of the curve on new cases of diabetes. Even more surprisingly, they were one of the only industrialized nations to see a decrease in new cases of diabetes. One of the things that Vitamin D3 influences is insulin resistance! Vitamin D3 is so critical to our health that I recommend everyone get tested at least once per year. If you are low, consider getting more sunlight or supplementing with Vitamin D.

Active is another Phyzix MD product to help support healthy joints!
Active is another new Phyzix MD product to help support healthy joints! 


As we age, it’s a known fact that tendons and ligaments have a slower and more limited ability to repair. I remember the day that I became aware of my tendons and ligaments and their reduced ability to recover. I was in the back of my pickup truck about to jump out onto the ground. I remember clearly that I paused before jumping. It was a strange sensation because prior to that day I would have just jumped without a care in the world. But I didn’t. I paused and calculated the jump and where I would land thinking about how hard the landing would be… things I had never considered. Like I said, that’s the day I became aware of my ligaments. We take a lot for granted. Our bodies have a remarkable ability to bounce back from insult after insult.

Our body needs the building blocks to make this repair possible. Another thing that happens as we age is the reduced ability to absorb nutrients in the gut. Resident cells in our tendons (tenocytes) use the solution around our cells (extra cellular matrix) along with type I collagen and proteoglycans. The blend in Active supports our own repair processes with vitamin C, type I collagen and mucopolysaccharides.

How do these work together? Think of the collagen as being the scaffold and the mucopolysaccharides the glue. Not only do the mucopolysaccharides hold the collagen together but they provide lubrication and support the extracellular matrix.

In-vitro testing shows that this formulation was able to offset the damaging effect of inflammatory cytokines. The unique formula was able to protect the ligaments from degenerative damage.

In another prospective study, patients going through physical therapy were divided into two groups. The treatment group received Active. Both groups had equal physical therapy visits. The treatment group had significantly better scores numerically and on functional testing when compared to the control group.

If you are an active person or someone who has joint pain or you are starting to “pause” before making those jumps, consider adding Active to your daily routine.

Bonvera is excited to launch these two new products to customers to continue serving customers with premium health, wellness, and lifestyle products that help customers live a better life. These products are set to launch October 20, 2018.

Want to live a better life with these new products? Contact your Bonvera entrepreneur today to purchase these products on or after October 20, 2018. If you don’t yet have a Bonvera entrepreneur, contact our customer service team at support@bonvera.com to get connected to one in your area today.