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We’ve Got Proof Moringa Is Made for Memory

Kutano Memory & Focus moringa capsules are improving memory and mental clarity.

Tired of brain fog? Feeling sluggish and slow? It’s time to add a moringa boost to your everyday routine, and we’ve got just the thing to try: Bonvera’s Kutano Memory & Focus moringa capsules. Exclusive to the Bonvera community, these moringa capsules are made in partnership with I Was Hungry and farmers in Sub Saharan Africa. Today, we had to share the incredible stories from customers and entrepreneurs who have been using this product.

Kutano Memory & Focus moringa capsules work and have results for brain power, memory, and clarity.
Holly is a busy mom, grandmother, and business owner, and she says that Memory & Focus helps her keep up with her busy schedule!

Holly wrote in, and she couldn’t stop raving about Memory & Focus. She says, “I am loving the Kutano supplement. I am noticing that when I take one capsule in the morning with breakfast, I have more energy and am clear thinking all day.” She says, “Most days, around 3-4 pm, I get tired and feel like taking a nap.” With her busy schedule, 4 kids, 2 grandchildren, working part time, and running her Bonvera business, she has a lot to manage on her hands. But with Memory & Focus, she says, “Now, I have more energy to get more cleaning done around the house and am seeking to get more organized!” For those busy working moms, we applaud you. It’s hard to keep up with the many responsibilities and things you are juggling, but with Memory & Focus, you get that extra energy to keep calm and focused.

We've got proof that Bonvera's Kutano Memory & Focus moringa capsules are helping people build more brainpower and sharpen their memory.
“You just feel like you have more energy and focus,” said Susan about Bonvera’s Kutano Memory & Focus capsules!

Any busy students? Teachers or professors? Susan is a professor who takes Memory & Focus and has seen incredible results. She takes Memory & Focus in the morning with her Phyzix Zero, and it “helps [her] focus until mid afternoon.” Then, she says, “I take another Memory & Focus if I need to have more focus for the latter part of the day. I have taken a Memory & Focus in late afternoon, and it helps with staying engaged with meetings and presentations. You just feel like you have more energy and focus.” She explains, “I don’t feel jittery. When I am able to stay focused on tasks at hand and get projects completed, I am in a better mood too.” For professors like Susan, Memory & Focus is the perfect supplement to keep her in good health for her job and her students. But, it’s not just for professors, it’s great for students too.

Mike believes that Kutano's Memory & Focus moringa capsules are the best in the marketplace, and here's why.
Mike believes that Kutano’s Memory & Focus moringa capsules are the best in the marketplace, and here’s why.

Mike had been using nootropics, which are supplements made for memory and cognitive function, for years, and he was extremely excited when Bonvera announced that our Kutano brand would create a moringa-based nootropic. After trying Kutano’s Memory & Focus, Mike said, “I really cannot describe the night and day difference between the product that I’ve used for years. By far, Kutano Memory & Focus is the best in the marketplace! From world class ingredients to a world changing cause.” He’s clearly experienced incredible results from taking Bonvera’s Memory & Focus moringa capsules, but he said the biggest benefit in his life is “that it has drastically decreased the urge for need of caffeine and longevity of focus for the entire day is quite remarkable.” Mike finishes up by saying “Thank you, Bonvera, for listening to the field leaders and bringing this product to the market. I will be strongly recommending this product for life.” Memory & Focus has Mike’s stamp of approval! Will you give it a try?

Cody explains the real results and testimonial with these moringa capsules.
These moringa capsules have not only helped Cody focus, they’ve helped him learn. Read more below!

Are you an avid reader? From our New Way MBA program, we know that leaders are readers. That’s why many of our Bonvera entrepreneurs are big readers because it equips them to build their Bonvera business successfully. One of our entrepreneurs, Cody, has had trouble, like many of us, with focusing while reading or studying. He says, “My mind wants to wander recklessly off course.” But with Kutano Memory & Focus, he’s seen a difference in his focus. He says, “Since introducing Kutano Memory & Focus, I have noticed my mental engagement while reading and studying is night and day different!” Cody explains, “Many times I would find I read 3 pages and don’t remember a thing…not anymore! This remarkable turnaround has excited me and consequently, I have read more books as I am now encouraged by my retention!” How incredible is this?! Memory & Focus is not only helping consumers remember more information, but as a result, it’s encouraging more learning and more education. We know that lifelong learning is now the new standard to keep up with our evolving technology, workplace shifts, and economic changes.

These capsules are made with moringa, one of the hottest superfoods right now in the health and fitness industry. However, it’s been a long time secret to the health of communities in Southeast Asia and parts of Sub Saharan Africa as it’s been referred to as the “miracle tree” for its various health and medicinal properties. In partnership with I Was Hungry, our team at Bonvera has been proud to offer this product to our community. Today, we had to share the incredible results this product is having in people’s lives, and we’ll let these testimonials speak for themselves. Purchase your Kutano Memory & Focus today with your Bonvera entrepreneur. Don’t have one? Get connected to one at support@bonvera.com or call (316) 260 – 2225.