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Bon Vera
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Bonvera Rewards


Do you have plans to work hard and play hard? For those that qualify, Bonvera entrepreneurs can earn incentive trips with other entrepreneurs. They get rewarded for their hard work, and they get the chance to learn from others building the business.

Maui “Epic Experience” Hawaii
We’re excited to launch this trip next year in 2020! Find details on how to qualify below.


At Bonvera, we work hard and play hard. As a part of our organization, entrepreneurs are rewarded for their hard work with incentive trips. Here are the details on the incentive trips we’re launching in 2020.


Have you dreamed of having a beautiful, new car in your driveway? Bonvera offers you the opportunity to earn a car bonus for a premium vehicle of your choice under the following luxury brands: BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, and Lincoln. And…new for 2019, we’re excited to bring the full-size, half ton pickup truck.

Here are some of our Bonvera entrepreneurs with their sweet rides! 


With the new global economy, the rules of work, life, and retirement are being rewritten. The last few years has seen the rise of the “gig” or “freelancer” economies. It is now commonplace for most American families to have multiple streams of income. The Bonvera entrepreneur’s “business in a box” is specifically designed to be an easy, step-by-step program to provide a secondary source of income for you and your family that you determine based on your hard work and effort.

Make Money While You Play