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Bon Vera
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Our Vision

To empower people to become successful in every dimension of their lives through a proven system of leadership, education, and coaching combined with exceptional products and services

Our Values

Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

What We Believe In

We believe in conducting business in such a way to be a positive influence for good with each person, customer, Entrepreneur, employee, and vendor with whom we come in contact. We believe in conducting business with absolute honesty and integrity, while treating all people with kindness and respect. We believe in creating an uplifting environment while having fun and acknowledging our entrepreneurs as the foundation of our success.

Our Why

Like many stressed out and overworked Americans, we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. We wanted more out of life. We were frustrated with stagnant careers that offered limited freedom to control our own lives, time and money. So, we founded Bonvera — a premium health, wellness, and lifestyle company you can trust that also offers independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own Bonvera businesses.

We offer all natural, physician-formulated products that help you look and feel your best. From weight loss and nutrition to age-defying skincare, we’ll customize a health and wellness plan to help you achieve the best version of “you.”

We’ve helped more than 20,000 people become successful Bonvera entrepreneurs and we can help you, too. Success shouldn’t be this hard, and it doesn’t have to be for you either.

Find your happy, and find your purpose with Bonvera.

Our History

In 2004, an idea was born when a group of successful business owners working together in a successful enterprise started to dream of a new way to do business and help others have entrepreneurial success. Their goal was to fix an entrepreneurship system that was broken and inaccessible to many. 

Bob Dickie, a United States Air Force Captain was recruited to transition from the military to the private sector to become the CEO of a leadership development and e-commerce company. There he partnered with industry leaders Jim and Dolores Martin, Cody and Tara Newton, Tim and Brandy Jarvinen, Bill and Jann Newton, Joe & Laura Darkangelo, and others who were having tremendous success driving sales in excess of $300M in North America working with a multi-billion dollar network marketing company. During this time, these leaders began to feel that although there was financial success there was something missing — a higher purpose.

This core group crafted innovative foundational principles for a field owned and led company. Their vision is that success shouldn’t be so hard, that entrepreneurship should be in reach for everyone, and that incredible life-changing products should do good for the world. Finally, at the heart of it all was serving people and making a difference.

This dream took many years to realize and in 2016 this group of industry leaders came together and formed Bonvera which means “Good Faith!”  At the time, Bob Dickie was the President of Crown Financial Ministries and helped consult early on and then joined Bonvera full-time as CEO and Co-Owner on May 1, 2018.  Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Bonvera has already helped more than 20,000 people begin their entrepreneurial journey!

Who We Are

Entrepreneurs | Servant Leaders | Kind | Loyal | Approachable | Transparent | Modern | Values-Oriented | Family Friendly | Health Conscious | Innovative | Global ambassadors | Generous | Teachers | Lifelong learners