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Bon Vera
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Welcome Home.

Every month, we consume certain household and hygiene products. Why not earn BV on these everyday essential items? This is exactly why we created the Bonvera At Home product line. It’s a premium, proprietary line of household and hygiene products varying from bar soap and candles to shampoo and conditioner.

These products are crafted with every family in mind. Designed with the finest ingredients, each product is made for the safety and efficiency of your busy household. Be at home with these everyday essentials for your family.

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essentials for your home

Charcoal Bar Soap Made with sustainable ingredients, natural activated charcoal provides this bar with a black and grainy texture as well as a fresh and pure scent derived from plant distilled essential oils. It’s great for use on your hands or on your face as a natural cleanser and exfoliator. LOG IN To Purchase
Spearmint Bar Soap Spearmint is excellent for supporting sensitive skin, especially for kids and elderly people as well as for addressing germs and cleansing skin. This soap would be great for kitchens and bathrooms where those cooking, cleaning, baking, and washing need clean and fresh hands for whatever they’re doing. LOG IN To Purchase
All Purpose Cleaner Bonvera At Home Cleaner is a fast-drying cleaner that dries in seconds with no streaks or residue. It cleans and eliminates the moisture so you can win the battle. No fragrances, dyes, or ammonia. Feel better knowing you’re offering a safer environment while protecting your family no matter where you use it. LOG IN To Purchase

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