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Bon Vera
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Proper energy & fuel on the go

With Phyzix Nutrition, achieve healthy, on-the-go energy with delicious and nutritious products. The Phyzix line of premium-blend energy drinks come in two delectable flavors with real, natural fruit juice, green tea extract and guarana seed extract. Stevia leaf adds natural, subtle sweetness.

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Angry Angel energy drink

We’ve partnered up with Angry Angel, a company that believes in good fuel for your body, mind, and soul made with the innocence of good ingredients. We’ve launched with Tropical and Blackberry Lemon. Both are made with Yerba Mate as the caffeine source, COQ10, antioxidants, zero sugar, zero calories, and no artificial ingredients.

These are energy drinks you’d find normally in places like Whole Foods stores, and they’re partnering up with us?! What an incredible partnership and product that we’re thrilled to bring you.

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Angry Angel – Tropical (12 pk) LOG IN To Purchase