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The Phyzix MD line of products was formulated to provide nutritional support through science-backed vitamins, supplements, and protein powders made from highly bioavailable ingredients. With an emphasis on supporting overall health, Phyzix MD offers a range of products to help customers live healthy and happy lives. Every product in the Phyzix MD line is organic, vegetarian, and certified by a third-party.

Hear the why behind this line with Medical Director, Dr. Jeff Davis, below.

Not sure where to start?

The foundation of basic health starts with key nutrients and vitamins. These are several great basics to start with!

Active Do you lead an active lifestyle and need joint support? Active helps keep you active with tendon and ligament comfort and recovery. LOG IN To Purchase
CoQ10 CoQ10 is a coenzyme essential to helping your body produce and convert energy. It’s essential to help your body absorb energy, generate healthy tissue, and strengthen your heart, muscles, and nervous system! LOG IN To Purchase
Daily Mag Magnesium is a shot-gun buddy to over 300 metabolic processes including a beating heart, moving muscles, generating energy, forming protein, and using energy in metabolism. If you’re looking for a supplement for overall health, Daily Mag is just that. LOG IN To Purchase
Just For Her Just for Her is made for women of all ages. It helps support the healthy balance of hormones throughout a woman’s cycles. It also helps with hot flashes, clearing up acne, and helps relieve PMS symptoms. LOG IN To Purchase
Just For Him Just for Him is made to support healthy testosterone levels in men. With Just for Him, it can help support healthy hormone levels for strength, endurance, vitality, and vigor. LOG IN To Purchase
Omega Max Omega Max supports hearth health, cognitive function, and glucose and insulin metabolism. Fish oil is great for heart health, weight loss, and eye health. LOG IN To Purchase

Need support with sleep, cognitive function, and managing stress?

Calm & Clear is made with a patented magnesium supplement to help magnesium cross the blood brain barrier, which helps support clear thinking, manage stress levels, and support restful sleep.

Calm & Clear – Mixed Berry If you are experiencing fogginess, high levels of stress, and in need of a better night’s sleep, Calm & Clear can help. Mixed Berry flavor is sweet. LOG IN To Purchase
Calm & Clear – Lemon-Lime With patented magnesium for calming support and optimized brain health, Calm & Clear helps with cognitive function, managing stress, and sleep. Lemon Lime is tart in flavor. LOG IN To Purchase

Looking for immune support?

Phyzix MD carries a variety of supplements that can support a healthy functioning immune system.

Immun-C Immun-C is Phyzix MD’s vitamin C supplement to support energy production, support a healthy immune system, and help build collagen for glowing skin and strong tissues and joints. LOG IN To Purchase
Immun-D Immun-D is a vitamin D product designed to help strengthen your immune system, support bone strength, and help with dental health. It also helps support calcium absorption for healthy bones as you age! LOG IN To Purchase
Immune Boost Immune Boost is made with ultra-pure green tea extract which provides antioxidants, supports a healthy immune system, regulation of hormones, and good gut health. It has the benefits of 5-10 cups of green tea in one capsule! LOG IN To Purchase
Zinc Zinc supports a strong immune system and a healthy functioning metabolism. It also helps heal wounds and supports your sense of taste and smell. LOG IN To Purchase

Want improved energy levels?

EnergyStix are made with vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes to help you stay energized throughout the day!

Energy Stix – Natural Citrus Transform your water with this great-tasting, revitalizing energy drink with B vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants in Natural Citrus flavor! LOG IN To Purchase
Energy Stix – Natural Mixed Berry Add one of these energy stix to your water, and this natural mixed berry powder with vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants will energize and refresh you! LOG IN To Purchase

Got picky eaters?

Many kids (and adults) aren’t getting the nutrients they need everyday due to diet choices. With multivitamins and nutrient rich protein powders, you can add in more vitamins, minerals, and protein to your daily diet (and your kiddos!).

Just For Kids Multivitamin Kids don’t always eat all their fruits and veggies, do they? With this multivitamin for kids, you can help fill the nutritional gaps and keep them on track. The chewable multivitamin is delicious so your children with want to get their vitamins each day. LOG IN To Purchase
MultiVitamin Plus This high quality multivitamin supports foundational wellness, antioxidant activity with vitamins C & E, detoxification, and individuals with stressful lifestyles. With a multivitamin, you can fill your nutritional gaps without changing your diet. LOG IN To Purchase

Ready to lose weight and detox?

There’s a 10 day cleanse program complete with protein powder, supplements, and
cleanse guide to help reset the body, decrease sugar intake, lose weight, and increase energy.

Every product made for your good.

Every Phyzix MD product is organic, vegetarian, and third-party tested. We know many of these products are used by the whole family, and we don’t take that lightly. Thank you for entrusting the health of your family with us. We’re making products good for you and the whole family.

Your future starts with your health today. Choose wisely.