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Bonvera’s Luebella Skincare Line Just Got Better!

Angelia Inscoe, a member of the Bonvera’s Scientific Advisory Board, and leading expert with over 30 years experience in the skin care and dermatological industry has once again led improvements in the Luebella Skincare line of products which are already turning heads. Angelia and her team have recently won Micro Needling Device of the Year by Skin Inc – a highly recognized magazine in the skincare industry. And to say that this has been a big year for Angelia is an understatement!  She and her team were invited to the Golden Globes AND the Oscars! The makers of Bonvera’s Luebella skincare line is officially Hollywood recognized! 

Angelia Inscoe formulator of Luebella skincare line winner of Micro Needling Device of the Year by Skin Inc a highly recognized magazine in the skincare industry

The Luebella Skincare line has been a great seller and loved by all who use it – including those Luebella fellas!  Bonvera has always taken pride in improving our products and product lines as new ingredients are discovered or new technologies are released.  The Luebella skincare line is a prime example of that initiative. While the line may look different, the formula that has been proven and is loved hasn’t changed, but rather just had some things added to it. We’ve just taken what we already had and added to it: improving it, boosting it, making it even better!

But first, let’s review the first thing you’ll notice: the packaging! Please note that the timeline of the new packaging will be soon, and we will roll out the new packaging will happen gradually and at a per product basis – as we run out of the current product, we will order more in the new packaging.  The Luebella products will transition to a high-quality, pearl-finish glass bottle. These glass bottles will feature improved pumps as well. 

Eventually, these bottles will don screen-printed labeling instead of having a sticker label. However, because of supply chain issues, we will roll out the glass bottles with a sticker label. The bottles will also eventually be put in its own branded box and plastic wrapped. Again, because of supply chain issues, they will gradually transition to be in these boxes and for now will be delivered in the current plastic containers. But we promise….it will be worth the wait! This line is going to look classy, high-end, and magazine worthy!

There are also some additions to this already fabulous line: Red Ginseng stem cell and 24K gold.  Red Ginseng is the most potent ginseng and to be considered “Red Ginseng”, it can’t be picked for 6 years. The reason for this is that it is aged longer to provide more medicinal properties. And to top it off, the Red Ginseng used in the Luebella is fermented, which all the top-quality Red Ginseng is fermented. The Red Ginseng gives the Luebella line a point of differentiation: very few other products have this! Red Ginseng has several beneficial factors including that it’s an antioxidant and helps with dark circles and puffy eyes. 

Red Ginseng also helps prevent and block glycation. Glycation is the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation. In other words, glycation is causes excess glucose in the skin, which causes sugar molecules to bond to collagen proteins, preventing your skin from feeling smooth, soft, radiant, supple and increases the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. By preventing and blocking glycation, the Red Ginseng helps treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It also rejuvenates your skin by treating dullness because of blocking and preventing glycation, leaving you with a radiant glow!

The 24K gold added to the masks stimulates skin cells, brightens complexion, reduces inflammation, and prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. And because the Luebella line is very hydrating, it’s essential to use as the cold weather rapidly approaches. However, it works in all climates because it also helps balance oil production. Which we all know, a high level of oil production can cause acne. You read that right! The Luebella line can help prevent acne as it helps balance oil production! This line works on and is safe for all skin types.

We are excited to release the improved Luebella line, although gradually. This medical-grade skincare is not available in stores and is exclusively available through Bonvera and Bonvera Entrepreneurs. Bonvera has always and will continue to strive to use only the best of the best ingredients and formulas for our products. We are excited for you to start using this improved line and sending your feedback to Bonvera.