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Phyzix MD Quercetin+

Bonvera is proud to offer a variety of products to assist in your health journey: mind, body, soul, and home. Quercetin + is the latest addition to Bonvera’s already amazing Phyzix MD line.

Individuals with hypersensitive immune reactions often experience physical, mental, and functional decline even with moderate onset of discomfort. Bonvera’s Quercetin + supports the body’s regulating function in addressing an overactive or distressed histamine response that is sometimes brought on by the environment. Quercetin + provides fast-acting, natural support for hypersensitive reactions, including water, itchy eyes, runny nose, as well as other manifestations of histamine release.

Formulated with a synergistic combination of vitamins, bioflavonoids, amino acids, herbs, and bromelain, Quercetin + addresses the distressing signs of immune hypersensitivity. Quercetin + is a combination of Vitamin C, Quercetin, Stinging Nettle Aqueous Extract, Bromelain, Rutin, N- Acetyl-L-Cysteine, and Dihydroquercetin.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential to humans and must be obtained exogenously. While most mammals are able to synthesize ascorbic acid, humans lack one of the enzymes required for this process and can quickly become deficient if dietary or supplemental intake is inadequate. Stress, smoking, pollution, and temperature changes increase our requirement for Vitamin C.

Well-known functions of Vitamin C include antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals and the synthesis of collagen, carnitine, and neurotransmitters. Vitamin C also plays a lesser- know role in the deactivation of histamine.

Quercetin, dihydroquercetin (DHQ), and rutin are active bioflavonoids incorporated into Quercetin + for their role in moderating an exaggerated immune response. Bioflavonoids work synergistically with other antioxidants to protect tissues from the negative effects of oxidation and inflammation often observed during hyperimmune reactions. Immune-moderating effects include inhibition of mast-cell degranulation and prevention of histamine release during hypersensitive episodes.

DHQ supports the activities of other antioxidants, protects erythrocytes and capillaries, supports bronchial function, and assists in chelation of metals. DHQ was also found to moderate pro-inflammatory pathways by inhibiting inducible ICAM-1 expression. The FlavitPURE from of DHQ in Quercetin + is a bioactive, natural form that is significantly more absorbable than quercetin alone. The inclusion of FlavitPURE in Quercetin + creates a clear advantage over products containing only quercetin as fewer capsules are required for effective results. This specific form of DHQ boasts an impressive ORAChydra value of 28,000+ μM TE/g and a CAP-e assay of 9.910.5 units per gram, indicative of effective antioxidant protection within the cell. ORAChydo reflects oxygen radical absorbance capacity for water-soluble antioxidants, and CAP-e refers to cell-based antioxidant protection in erythrocytes.

A source of naturally occurring flavonoids, rutin reduces capillary permeability and edema, which can reduce mucus fluid buildup or “runny nose”. Rutin’s protective effect against oxidation is amplified by ascorbic acid, also present in Quercetin +.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is the acetylated form of the conditionally essential amino acid L- cysteine. As a precursor to the “master antioxidant” glutathione, NAC plays a significant role in detoxification and antioxidant protection. NAC also functions as a natural mucolytic reducing the viscosity of mucus commonly produced during a hyperimmune response.

Stinging Nettle Extract has been found to regulate a variety of inflammatory activities associated with hyperimmune response, including mast-cell degranulation, prostaglandin formation, and histamine action.

Bromelain refers to an enzyme complex extracted from the stem and fruit of the pineapple plant. Its modulation of the inflammatory response is thought to exert a beneficial effect in combatting hypersensitive immune reactions, earning it approved status by the Gern an Commission E for “micro-inflammations” and related discomforts. Early studies identified its positive effects on controlling edema, tissue permeability, and vasodilation. Bromelain is also found to enhance the absorption of quercetin.

Bonvera’s Phyzix MD Quercetin + is a great addition to your supplement regimen. It’s great to combat one-time sickness and seasonal allergies throughout the year.