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2 Steps You’ve Got to Take After a Bonvera NTE

We know. Those Bonvera events are just straight fire, aren’t they? You’re at the event, you’re around inspiring, incredible people that are on fire to accomplish their goals. The speakers ignite a passion in you that you’ve always had but maybe forgot about in the everyday rhythms of life. But most of the time, we attend these incredible events, we get all excited about our dreams and goals, but when we return to normal life, we think, “Okay, now how do I take action and make these goals a reality?” Today, we’re sharing 2 steps you’ve got to take after a Bonvera NTE to do just that — make your goals a reality.

Step 1 — Meet with a current MVP or coach.

This is so essential because as you’re dreaming about what you want to do, you need insight and experience from someone who has done it before. Your current MVP or coach can share helpful tips and tricks to help you look at your goals objectively. This is invaluable perspective and insight as you take the steps to move forward.

Step 2 — Make an action plan.

So you’ve met with a current MVP or coach. Now, you’ve got insights, perspective, and tips on how to go after your goals and dreams. But the most valuable thing is to create a plan with smaller steps in a particular time frame to achieve those goals. Break down your goals in shorter and smaller goals to achieve in certain time frames. Then, create deadlines for yourself and schedule a meeting with your teammate and mentor so that you’ll be held accountable to report on your progress.

Having an action plan turns dreams and goals into real progress.

Applying these 2 steps after any Bonvera NTE is essential and critical to achieving the goals and dreams you want. To learn more, start a conversation with a leader today in your Bonvera business about these topics.