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Bon Vera
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Ladies, Wear Your Sunscreen

For all the Luebella ladies (and Luebella fellas) out there, we’ve got an important tip today to share with you. Today, we’re talking about the importance of wearing sunscreen when using one of Luebella Ageless system’s hallmark products, Collagen Boost Serum. In this post, we’ll detail why it’s important and practical ways you can wear sunscreen everyday.

One of the key reasons Bonvera developed the Luebella Ageless system is to support the anti-aging process for men and women. A key product in any anti-aging system or regimen is a retinol product. In the Luebella Ageless system, the Collagen Boost Serum is the product doing the heavy lifting for anti-aging. It contains 1% All-Trans Retinol, which is key in helping the skin generate new skin cells and stimulate healthy collagen production. All the time, your skin is generating new skin cells. The more you promote cellular turnover and support collagen production, the more you’ll have a glow and radiance about you. (Everyone will be asking, what are you doing to have such beautiful skin?)

However, because this retinol has this impact on the skin, it can make the skin more susceptible and sensitive to sun exposure. This can lead to sun damage or sun burns. So, it’s key when using a retinol product, especially the Collagen Boost Serum with such a powerful 1% All-Trans Retinol for that anti-aging support, to wear sunscreen and protect your skin from sun damage.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to incorporate sunscreen into your daily skincare and makeup routine. Additionally, remember that in all seasons we are exposed to the sun. Just because fall is around the corner doesn’t mean we should stop using sunscreen and protecting our skin from sun damage.

As we get older, our skin needs a little more TLC. Wearing sunscreen is an essential way to protect your skin, especially if you’re using a retinol product such as the Luebella Collagen Boost Serum to support collagen production. Luebella ladies and fellas, make sure to wear your sunscreen to take care of that beautiful and healthy skin!