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So You Want To Become A Coffee Connoisseur?

Join us in brewing coffee with Thrive Farmers.

Coffee is the juice of America. It’s the tried and true fuel for our on-the-go, always moving society. For true coffee lovers, it might be time to up your coffee game. Want to learn how to become a coffee connoisseur? Let’s look at the pro tips from our partner, Thrive Farmers.

Brewing coffee is Thrive Farmers' specialty.
Pictured here are some of the Thrive coffee farmers in Latin America who know their coffee.

The Experts

Thrive Farmers, our coffee partner, is in the business of making exceptional coffee. They ethically source some of the best coffee in the world by partnering directly with farmers to bring coffee to the consumer. Because of their relationship and investment in these farmers’ communities, they can focus on producing some of the highest quality coffee in the world. They work with farmers in Central and South America who have been making coffee for generations as their livelihood. If anyone knows coffee, it’s these farmers. By providing these farmers with sustainable income leading to better opportunities such as healthcare and education, Thrive Farmers is able to bring specialty grade coffee back to market while making a lasting impact in these farmers lives and communities.

Needless to say, Thrive Farmers and their farming partners are the true experts on coffee. We went to them for tips on how to brew like a pro.

Coffee Brewing Pro Tips

According to Thrive Farmers, they’ve got four tips on how to become a coffee connoisseur.

Mind the Ratio

If you didn’t know, coffee is actually 98.5% water. However, the exact ratio of water to coffee is very scientific and directly impacts the resulting flavor and taste. The secret to exceptional coffee is the proper coffee-to-water ratio that can provide a full-bodied, delicious cup. They recommend a ratio of 1 oz. coffee to 16 oz. water or 1 g. of coffee to 16 g. of water.

Brewing coffee is an art and a science with coffee experts Thrive Farmers.

Enjoy Immediately

For best coffee, enjoy your coffee immediately after brewing. Or if you’re on the go, use an insulated or warmed cup to hold the temperature of the coffee for longer periods of time.

Serve Your Garden

Are you a gardener? Your next seeds could depend on your coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, so if you mix them into the soil or with a bucket of water and steep, the grounds will make a liquid fertilizer for your potted plants.

Brewing coffee starts with the right coffee equipment.

Purchase Coffee Equipment

If you really want to become a coffee connoisseur , the next thing to try is buying the right brewing system for you. Thrive Farmers recommends a couple of different home brewing systems including a Chemex, Automatic Drip, Clever, French Press, V60, and Aeropress. We’ll break down different coffee brew methods in a later post.

If you apply a few of these principles, you’ll be a coffee connoisseur  in no time. People will be asking how you made such great coffee, and they’ll be asking for your pro tips. To purchase Thrive Farmers coffee, talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur. If you don’t yet have one, contact our customer service team at support@bonvera.com to get connected to one in your area.