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Taking Care of Your Heart this Valentines

valentines day

Let’s face it. You’ve only got one heart to use for this life. Physically, you’ve got to keep that heart healthy. Emotionally, you’ve got to keep your heart strong and resilient for those that rely on you and look to you. This Valentines Day, we’ve got several products to keep your one heart healthy and strong.

The foundation to a strong heart? A great multivitamin.

For women, they experience a wave of hormones throughout their cycles. Whether it’s during menstruation, ovulation, or menopause, they need a lil extra help and support. With Just for Her, it’s made to support the balance of hormones, ease the symptoms of PMS and menopause, and help clear up acne. It also helps with sleeping through the night, lessen hot flashes, and supports healthy energy production. This is a must-have for women of all ages!

For men, as they get older, they can have lower testosterone levels which affect their energy, libido, drive, and strength. With Just for Him, it’s made to support your body’s testosterone levels at healthy levels to help with libido, performance, overall vitality, strength, and endurance. Some studies have shown that low testosterone also decreases cognitive function, so with Just for Him, it also helps support cognition.

The foundation of a strong heart comes from a strong body and a strong mind. Both of these multivitamins are essential to supporting a resilient heart for those you love!

Omega Max is essential for heart health with fatty acids and omega 3s.

Omega mega max for the heart! You’ve got to have this.

We’ve all heard it. Omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fats are essential to heart health. You want a healthy and strong heart that pumps love and joy for those you love? Omega Max is one of the highest quality fish oils out there taken from fish from the some of the cleanest waters. This means you’re getting the highest quality, highly bioavailable fish oil with 3x greater absorption rate with fewer trace ingredients to your heart.

A strong heart needs support from a high quality omega or fatty acid supplement, and this is your essential for that.

COQ10 is good for the heart!

An enzyme for the heart? Yep, COQ10 supports the heart.

COQ10 is a coenzyme that helps your body generate energy in your cells. One of the greatest sources of energy in your body? Why, the heart, of course. Your source of life and energy comes from your heart (literally and figuratively). Since your heart creates so much energy for your body, it needs some extra support as we age to create the healthy functioning of energy, which COQ10 can help with.

Let’s face it. We’ve only got one life to live. Our time is finite, and our health is too. If we want to spend time with those we love and live every moment of life to the fullest, great health is essential to enjoying every minute of it. Keep a strong heart with these essential vitamins.