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What is a BVr1?

Bonvera business BVr1

Here at Bonvera, we believe in saving money while earning money. That’s exactly what we’re tackling today in answering this essential question – what is a BVr1 with Bonvera? You probably haven’t heard of it anywhere else, but if you hear us talking about it, we’re very passionate about it. (Trust us, hear any entrepreneur talk about it, and they get fired up!) Here’s why – here’s what a BVr1 is, why it’s important, and how you can leverage it to build your business and earn money back. 

A BVr1 is shorthand for Bonus Volume (BV) replenishing starting on the 1st of the month. In Bonvera, we’ve developed a recurring process that occurs every month beginning on the first of the month. You create an order of your favorite health, skincare, coffee, (and whatever else your heart desires) every month on your scheduled day, and it will process from the 1st of the month through the 16th of the month. By doing this, you’re killing multiple birds with one stone – essentially, you’re being most efficient and effective with your time and with your money. 

By setting up this recurring monthly order, you’re getting your favorite products every month. Plus, all of those products come with an assigned BV (Bonus Volume) measurement, which is essentially profit to your business. With this order, you’ll get a predetermined amount of profit hitting your business every month that you can count on. Then, when you’re setting out to build your business, that’s profit that’s already there that will help you build your team, go MVP, and qualify for incentives.

Why is it important? 

It’s important for a number of reasons. As we mentioned above, it provides a set and guaranteed amount of BV to hit your business every single month. That’s nice as an entrepreneur that it’s something you can count on – you’ll always know you can have a certain amount to start from each month.

Not to mention, it’s important because a number of our products, especially vitamins, minerals, skincare, household items, coffee, and moringa supplements are things you could get from your grocery store or local convenience store. However, it would be silly not to buy these products through your business. First of all, they’re much better in quality and efficacy. Secondly, when you buy these products, you’re earning more BV or more profit back to your business. You can’t do that at Kroger, Publix, Walmart, or wherever you shop for your normal household items. Wouldn’t you like to earn money back while building your business just through a monthly order of your favorite products? 

How do I leverage this? 

There are some very important things to do to leverage this BVr1. Obviously, the first thing to do is set up a BVr1 order, and let it process every single month. Pick out your favorite products, especially the ones you use every single month and put those on your order. Then, whenever you go out and start building your team, encourage your team members to do the same thing.

Another thing you can do to leverage this unique opportunity is to start goal setting. Plan what you’ll need every single month for your household, what BV you’ll reach, and then how you’ll grow from there. How much more BV do you need to start earning your way to a car? How much do you need to start building a successful team? How much until you get a bonus through our compensation plan? This is a great building block to helping you reach goals, so leverage it as a tool and motivator. 

We hope this was a helpful tip in a BVr1, and we hope you understand how important and essential it is to building your business. Have any questions? Send us a question at support@bonvera.com, and we’ll answer your questions and help you leverage a BVr1 in building your Bonvera business.