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Bon Vera
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ABLE: Ethical Fashion with Purpose!

Bonvera is proud to partner with some amazing companies.  One of which is ABLE.  

As described on their About Us page on their website, “ABLE is an ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty. ABLE is deeply devoted to quality – both in the products they make and the quality of life they aim to provide. ABLE invests in, trains, and educates women so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive.”

This meaningful and impactful company not only provides customers with high quality fashion goods, but also changes the lives of women across the globe.

The ABLE Story

ABLE’s start was as simple as scarves. “ABLE started with scarves.  While in Ethiopia, the ABLE team met women coming out of the commercial sex industry that were in search of help finding employment.  ABLE viewed this as an opportunity to help.  They trained these women to make scarves.  And after selling over 4,000 scarves in only 2 months, the ABLE team knew they had something special.” Who would have thought that so much change and impact could start from something so simple?! This is testament that a small or simple idea can spark into something so much bigger than you had even hoped.

ABLE + Women

ABLE is for women, by women. Women are often unnoticed or under-utilized in the workforce. Bonvera and ABLE are proud to empower women, promote women, and raise women up! “95% of the ABLE staff is women.  But women across the globe often hold the lowest-paid, least-secure jobs.  This is even while knowing that women invest twice as much fo their income into their families compared to men.  ABLE has made a commitment to ensure every woman receives worthy treatment and compensation.”  Feel free to visit https://www.livefashionable.com/pages/our-wages to view ABLE’s wages.

Manufacturing Partners

ABLE’s reach and impact is beyond American boarders. And finding partners that share values is extremely important! That’s why Bonvera partnered with ABLE, their global impact initiative is so similar to Bonvera’s – to have a positive impact across the globe. “ABLE jewelry is all US made, made in-house in Nashville, TN.  Their leather goods, clothes, and shoes are made in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and India.  ABLE ensures that their manufacturing partners share their values.  ABLE has found that partnering with local community leaders results in a more powerful economic transformation compared to trying to command change from the US.”

Bonvera is so thrilled to give our members the opportunity to support such a great business! And Bonvera members are rewarded for shopping with these amazing partners, too.

To learn even more about ABLE or to shop their online store, log into your Bonvera account, click Shop, click Partner Stores, then click ABLE.