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Attraction Marketing: How to build your brand and your business

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Say goodbye to features and benefits, and say hello to solutions and experiences. Old school selling: show a customer a product, tell them it does ABC, and ask them to buy it. New school marketing: interact with a customer, show them you understand their needs, and then offer them solutions.

Focusing on the customer, instead of the sale, will boost engagement and create lasting relationships.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is a term for a method of marketing a product or service. It works by providing valuable information about the item before asking customers to buy. It’s a powerful marketing strategy for both lead generation and brand loyalty. When done right, Attraction Marketing allows you to use what is unique and genuine about you to share the benefits of the products you sell. Attraction Marketing allows you to use your life and product to help others live life better.

Why does Attraction Marketing work?

Because Attraction Marketing creates genuine interest through information sharing and relationship building, it makes it easier for customers to understand the value of the product or service. You are giving customers a reason to purchase, you are empowering them to make an educated decision, and you are offering them an opportunity to connect with you and the brand.

What are examples of “Old School” marketing in direct sales? (this is a “don’t do” list)

• Post and repost graphic after graphic featuring a product or business opportunity without connecting it to your life.

• Send spammy messages, to people you don’t know, filled with company hype.

• Push friends and family to support your business.

• Hijack other people’s social and community to sell your product.

• Post fake results or fake claims.

• Post fake giveaways.

• Post self-promoting content to other people’s wall or group without permission.

What can we do better by applying Attraction Marketing?

  1. Be your own brand! Create an identity for yourself and find “your people”. Search out groups of like-minded people that you can relate to and/or that you share interests with. This will help build your community.

2. Share! It’s all about educating your community. Share your experiences, teach them about the products’ benefits that you and others have experienced, and share the ingredients. Make it a conversation instead of a transaction.

3. Earn Trust! This is the most important part of Attraction Marketing! Consumers will purchase from someone who they believe to be trustworthy and authentic. This is where the relationship comes into play. If they have a relationship or a connection with you, it is easier for them to trust you.

4. Be social! Communicating and connecting with your community is how they will feel more comfortable with you. Find your tribe, engage with influencers, comment and like posts, join groups and contribute. Relationships take effort, social sharing requires you to be social.

5. Be your own brand! Consumers are more likely to be willing to purchase from a person than a large company. Be you, and brand yourself. The company should stay secondary – you are not the company!

Now what?

Go out there and try it! Make friends, find communities, and share a little bit about yourself.