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With more time at home, let’s be real. We need the coffee. All the coffee. We need the coffee to handle being at home with all of the kids, and we need it while trying to balance work and home life 24/7. We were fueled by coffee as a society before COVID-19, but now….goodness, coffee is our saving grace! We’re only partially kidding, but seriously, today we want to talk about what we’re brewing, why we love it, and how your daily grind could use this daily brew.

Late last year, we launched Bonvera Brew with our partners, Thrive Farmers. They are a company founded on world-class coffee and premium services to their farmers. They team up with farmers in Latin America to not only grow the best coffee, but to provide them with wages that are 3.5X more than what they’d get in a typical market. This allows farmers and their families the ability to provide education to their kids, health and dental services to their families, and opportunities for their communities. We could go on about how awesome this company is, but we’ll let this blog post do all the talking.

This medium blend is rich and flavorful, yet loved by all. Similar to a breakfast blend or the beloved Morning Ritual, this is a go-to blend for the coffee lover. Every cup impacts the lives of farmers and communities in Latin America to provide them with a future. 

A portion of profits goes back to Thrive Farmers, who put this money directly back into the farmers’ hands. In fact, Bonvera Brew is grown by a collection of 407 farmers in Guatemala, Columbia, Brazil, and Nicaragua. Because of your purchase, they can improve the quality of their farms, products, and lives. 

Bonvera Brew is available in ground bean, Rise N Grind, or whole bean, Wholly Awake. Additionally, it’s available in 5 lb. quantities very soon. This is a great option for those who have large families that drink a lot of coffee, schools, organizations, businesses, churches, and more.

So, that’s what we’re sipping on today. In quarantine, have you been shopping your coffee, still treating yourself to a Starbucks drink, or buying online? These surveys have shown that coffee drinking is increasing. 

Sprudge did a few surveys at the beginning of 2020, and they’ve found that the average number of coffee was 2.45 cups of coffee a day before COVID-19. Now, it’s up to 2.77 cups of coffee a day. That’s an increase of a third cup extra. Additionally, most people are buying their coffee online. Luckily with Bonvera, if you buy Bonvera Brew, you’re buying online from your own business. So you’ll earn money back! 

This article highlights what most of us already knew – coffee is a necessity. It’s not just a want, it’s a need. It’s clear we aren’t the only ones who think so. That’s why we love Bonvera Brew – it’s premium world-class coffee in a cup that saves us money while helping positively impact farmers in Latin America. We love partnering up with companies that allow us to create an impact with every purchase we make. 

A cup of coffee that provides a small daily ritual is sometimes the comfort we all need in times like these. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee with your loved one across the table or across the computer screen is the little bit of normalcy we all can cling to right now. Brew yourself a cup today, and remember, things are going to be okay.