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Bonvera Profiles in Leadership: Cody & Tara Newton

Cody and Tara Newton are key Bonvera leaders and part of Bonvera's leadership team. They have been key to bringing the Bonvera mission alive.

Bonvera is a business opportunity unlike any other in the industry. Bonvera is so unique because of the community of leaders and entrepreneurs who own and operate Bonvera. This includes a handful of key leaders who are so incredible that we want to introduce them to you in a series of blog posts. Starting off, we wanted to feature an incredible couple from Wichita, Kansas who are the heartbeat of this company. They have a passion for business and entrepreneurship, and when you’re with them, you can’t help but feel it too. Without further ado, meet Cody and Tara Newton.

Cody and Tara Newton are key Bonvera leaders who believe in Bonvera's mission and vision.

On a windy Kansas day, Cody and Tara took time away to sit down and share their story with us. They were at their oldest son’s tennis match watching him play. Cody remarked that most of the other parents weren’t able to attend their child’s tennis match at 11 am on a Monday morning, but because of their opportunity with Bonvera, they have the freedom to do that.

You see, Cody and Tara were like many of you. They were searching for ways to be successful in traditional business, particularly businesses in construction, leasing, real estate, oil, franchising, and manufacturing. But they found that the more successful they became, the less freedom they had. They were pulled further away from one another and from their family. They were looking for a business opportunity that gave them more financial freedom and more time. With 5 kids, they wanted time to watch them grow up. That’s when they became involved with Bonvera.

With Bonvera, they didn’t have to be defined by traditional business success, even though they were very successful having owned over 20 businesses in construction, manufacturing, real estate, and franchising. They could pursue this home-based business opportunity full-time. They didn’t have to run other companies with the upfront cost, increased risk, and decreased flexibility and freedom that comes with it. They could enjoy the freedoms that come with the Bonvera opportunity, the freedoms they always dreamed of having.

That’s why on a Monday afternoon, they can cheer on Cater, their oldest son, at a tennis match and take their youngest, Natalee, along with them. That’s why Tara can homeschool her youngest kids, Cage, Chase, and Natalee at home. And that’s why they’ve been able to spend numerous family vacations traveling as a family (many of them to the beach!) all the way from California to Alabama.

Cody and Tara Newton are field leaders for Bonvera.
Pictured here is Cody and Tara celebrating VIP United winning the MVP trophy at a Bonvera training event in 2018!

Today, Cody and Tara are co-founders and top industry professionals with Bonvera. They are leaders to Bonvera Teams VIP United, and they have won Bonvera’s MVP trophy, awarded to the company’s top producer, several times. When asked what their “secret sauce” is, or what makes them unique as leaders and entrepreneurs, they said, “We love affirming people. We love connecting with people and building relationships. Connecting families with our family. We create a good culture within our team, and we’re going to love everyone where they’re at. Whether that means they’re ready to become an entrepreneur and build a business, do it part-time, just be a customer, or just be a part of the community. We just love them where they’re at.”

They reside in Wichita, Kansas, but their entrepreneurial reach and heart for Bonvera stretch far beyond the region. They share Bonvera with others in one-on-one settings to huge crowds gathered monthly to hear them speak. Every time they share this, no matter the setting, they see people who were taking the same journey they once did. They said, “We’ve seen people who went the same path we did. They kept pursuing success, but more people kept demanding more of their time.” But when they share what Bonvera can do to change that, they see hope return to people’s eyes. Seeing that “sparkle in their eyes” is one of Cody’s favorite things about Bonvera. Coupled with Tara’s love to build relationships with others in the Bonvera community, and they make an incredible team that builds up others and really cares about each person’s story.

Going forward, Cody and Tara want to make Bonvera a mainstream business that helps people become successful with more time and money freedom.

As we closed out the interview, we couldn’t help but ask a few fun questions too. One thing about the Bonvera community is that we’re a family and we like to have fun!

Cody & Tara Newton are incredible Bonvera leaders who make Bonvera a true community.
The whole Newton crew here! Cody and Tara have five kids, and their names are Cater, Colby, Cage, Chase, and Natalee. They love going to the beach!

We asked them, “What is your favorite movie?”

Tara chuckled and said, “3 Men and a Baby!” Cody chimed in and said, “Nacho Libre.” He joked that anytime he has a challenge or difficulty, he refers to Nacho Libre for a good quote about how to overcome!

Then, we asked, “If you could live anywhere, where would you live?”

Together, they responded “in Kansas on a farm.” They are currently building their dream home on a farm in Kansas.

And finally we asked, “If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?”

Cody says, “Buzz Lightyear,” and Natalee, their youngest daughter, chimes in for Tara saying, “Sleeping Beauty.”

To know Cody and Tara is to love Cody and Tara, and we are so grateful for them. They are some of our incredible leaders and entrepreneurs who make Bonvera a real community that fosters real success and real connections. Thank you for taking the time to get to know Cody and Tara Newton. If you’re interested in learning more about Bonvera, we encourage you to get connected to a Bonvera entrepreneur. If you don’t have one, get connected today by emailing support@bonvera.com or calling (316) 260 – 2225.