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Bonvera Profiles in Leadership: Mark & Raquel Williams

Bonvera leaders Mark and Raquel Williams are incredible entrepreneurs.

Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says to “start with the end in mind” if you intend to be a highly effective and interdependent person, leader, spouse, friend, or coworker. If you were to talk to any Bonvera leader or entrepreneur, they’ll tell you where they want to be or where they want to go. They have a vision and mission of a life yet discovered. Our next leadership couple is no different. Mark and Raquel Williams from San Francisco, California have a dream, and they’re pursuing that dream with Bonvera.

Mark and Raquel worked full-time in different industries in the San Francisco area before even getting started in the network marketing industry. Mark was “working for the city and county of San Francisco as a full-time police officer with the SWAT team.” Mark described, “ I was going over the U.S. collaborating with other offices training and teaching at the police academy. I was busy.” Raquel was just as busy. She spent “15 years in the staffing industry, and [she] had gotten into sales as a medical consultant and transitioned into real estate.” She was doing all of that at the same time. This was in addition to raising their kids. Needless to say, Mark and Raquel were tired and exhausted. They kept thinking something had to give.

Bonvera leaders Mark and Raquel Williams are phenomenal leaders.
Mark and Raquel on the Bonvera cruise in April!

“I was introduced to Chris Mattis at a meeting with a group of people. He came in to talk about systems, which was something that we were lacking in our company. There was something about him that caught my attention, and I asked if we could meet,” said Raquel. She explained, “The reason I did that was because Mark and I we were making good money, I suppose. We lived a decent life, but behind closed doors we were drowning. We had the nice house and the cars, and it all looked good on the outside. But it felt like we were stuck and weren’t moving forward. Never saw each other and never saw the kids. There was a lot of tension. Life felt hard, and life was hard. There was something about Chris. He had a lightness about him. I needed to know what he was doing.” After meeting with Chris, they were sold on the idea of living a different life and striving towards goals that meant more money and time freedom.

They’ve been in the industry ever since. When the idea of Bonvera came along, Raquel said it was a “no-brainer because of where the business is going” but all of the people behind Bonvera had “earned [their] trust.” Mark explained, “For me, in my industry, that type of credibility and personal touch that they sought out and wanting the best for us outside of business really struck a chord with us. They weren’t just about business. They were about who we were as people.” When it came down to being a part of Bonvera and helping the idea come to life, “it wasn’t something [they] had to think about.” Today, Mark and Raquel are driving forces for Bonvera, especially in the California region with Dream Team and Team Magic. We are so grateful to have them as entrepreneurs, leaders, and believers in the Bonvera mission and vision.

Here is a picture of Bonvera leaders' Mark and Raquel Williams kids and family.
All the Wiliams boys hanging out in Northern Cali!
Mark and Raquel Williams are excellent Bonvera leaders.
Raquel with three of her kids. What beautiful smiling faces!

When asked how this industry has changed their lives, Mark and Raquel passionately respond, “It has absolutely changed our lives in so many respects. That’s the piece that I wish I could blow into people when I meet them. You have to experience that change as you become a part of this. I have to say that from my perspective, we were given the tools and info to change ourselves, develop our marriage, become better parents, become better financial stewards, understand money better, and to dream. We weren’t dreaming. We were living a rat race life, and we went from an exhausting and robotic existence to a life fulfilled. Knowing we were going to continue to develop in business together and business at home with our family was so exciting. It just keeps getting better. Life is just different. Life is fun. Life has purpose.”

Being a part of Bonvera from the start, these two have had some incredible experiences with the company and their teams. One of Mark’s favorite experiences was not just one thing. He described, “It’s a community of entrepreneurs. There’s a culture of closeness and people cheering each other on. There’s family, ohana, people make you feel like family and they want the best for you. The influence my kids get to have by the other leader’s kids. That’s really where it’s fun.” They recently qualified for a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, and they got to take their kids and parents with them.

As for where they see Bonvera going, they are determined and bought into the Bonvera mission to help others live better. Whether that’s by the products or the opportunity, they want to help other people have hope and dream again. Mark recounted, “They want a chance. They want an opportunity. You start to listen and ask questions, you start to discover that people are more common than they are different. We all look at a life of what it could be, and we come in with a solution to alleviate time-starved, relationship-starved problems. They can’t see we have the whole package.” Raquel expressed, “This is happening. We want it to go mainstream. People are looking, and people need an opportunity. We’re going to help and affect hundreds of millions of people’s lives and it’s going to be fun along the way.”

We're so glad to have Bonvera leaders like Mark and Raquel Williams with the Bonvera family.
We’re so glad to have Bonvera leaders like Mark and Raquel with the Bonvera family and community!

As we wrapped up this interview, our Northern California entrepreneurs answered a few fun questions!

What’s your “secret sauce” or something you bring to Bonvera that’s unique as a couple?

Raquel said, “One of the things for us is that individually we chase our dreams. We’re very intentional. We build business. We do it together, but we also are individuals. I go out and I build business and community. I lead my team. There isn’t one piece of this business that I don’t do.”

Mark agreed, “It all goes back to when we got together before we were in business. It all comes to respecting one another. She was very very successful in her industry. She’s empowered already with her skillset. We do a good job of organically supporting one another. We build business separately and build business together. We support and encourage. Our daily life is kind of like that. It wasn’t something new for us. We fill and flow as we say in the SWAT industry. We know that as we have our own wins, we can help other people win.”

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Raquel — I know as a kid, I just thought he was so hot. I loved singers. As silly as this is going to sound, Elvis Presley! I would love to be at one of his concerts.

Mark said, “I’m looking at his picture. I have his montage because I have it in our room. Napoleon Hill. He has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. In the 20s and 30s of what he had discovered, his principles of success were revolutionary. To go back there and dial it in to discover it with him would be incredible.

Who would play you in your life’s movie?

Mark knew instantly when he said, “Everybody would have to say ‘The Rock’ for me.”

Raquel said, “Cindy Crawford. I’ve grown up with that. Ever since I was a kid.”

Mark and Raquel are one dynamic duo. They bring their strengths together to help other people win, dream again, and reclaim hope. We’re so honored to have them with the Bonvera family and community. Thanks for taking the time to get to know them. If you are interested in joining the Bonvera community, email us at support@bonvera.com or call (316) 260 – 2225 to get connected to an entrepreneur near you today.