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Brewing the Perfect Cup with Thrive Farmers

Here are a few coffee brewing techniques from Thrive Farmers coffee.

Bonvera is honored to partner with Thrive Farmers to bring customers and entrepreneurs alike specialty grade coffee from farmers in Central and South America that benefit directly from our purchase. Now that you have those specialty beans, we’ve got to learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. With help from Thrive Farmers, we’ve got the best brewing basics to help you brew the perfect cup of joe.

The Basics of Brewing

There are several things you will need to become a master coffee brewer. You will need water, coffee, and a coffee maker of your choice. You will also need coffee filters for your specific brewer of choice and a burr grinder is highly recommended if you are buying whole bean.

According to Thrive Farmers, there are 6 key principles to brewing basics. Let’s take a look at all six principles.

Start Clean

Make sure whatever you’re using to brew your coffee in is clean. Believe it or not, this can affect  your coffee’s taste.

Here are a few coffee brewing techniques.

Use Fresh Beans

Though this may seem obvious, think about how often you purchase coffee and then let it sit in  your pantry or cabinet. The freshest beans will brew the best coffee. Ideally, you want to purchase only enough beans to last you 1-2 weeks to maintain peak flavor and freshness.

Water Matters

Did you know that coffee is 98.5% water? We didn’t either.  Only use the cleanest, filtered water in your coffee. Your perfect cup depends on it.

Here are a few coffee brewing techniques.

Grind Your Own

Whenever possible, grind your beans right before you’re going to brew your coffee. This ensures maximum flavor is captured in each cup. Thrive Farmers strongly recommends using burr grinders over blade, and they suggest never to freeze your grinds.

Prepare Your Filter

For optimal taste, Thrive Farmers recommends using a white (oxygen bleached) filter. They give a tip to rinse your filter with hot water to help eliminate any possible paper taste.

Storing Your Coffee

Storing your coffee between brews is also important. Store your whole beans in a tightly sealed jar away from the sun, heat, or moisture. You can also keep them in their original Thrive package as the packaging is designed to maintain and preserve peak freshness.

There you have it, the basics of how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Are you ready to brew your perfect cup? Talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur today to purchase Thrive Farmers coffee, in which we offer five coffee blends including Wild Rooster, Morning Ritual, True North, Night Shift, and Layover Decaf. If you don’t have a Bonvera entrepreneur, contact our customer service team at support@bonvera.com to get connected to one in your area.