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Start the New Year Off Right With a Cleanse

Start the new year off right with a cleanse.

Whether you’re a New Year’s resolution goal setter or not, you can’t get away from the constant gym advertisements to get more fit and healthy this year. It’s one of the most popular goals in the new year to lose weight, get more fit and feel better about yourself. However, let’s be honest, most of the time, these goals are well intentioned but don’t last. There is no effective way to stay accountable to your goals or a step-by-step guide on how to eat better, so people lose motivation and never accomplish the resolutions they set out to make. This year is different, though, and it’s because we’ve got a quick, easy-to-start cleanse program that’s sustainable with a how-to-guide and supportive community to help you reach your goals.

Jumpstart your weight loss.

One of the best ways to jumpstart your weight loss in the new year is with a cleanse. It will help rid your body of toxins, and it will help your body function at its optimal performance. A cleanse with proper liver support, like the Phyzix MD Cleanse with Optimizer Plus, helps your liver detox and cleanse the way it naturally does all the time. Your liver is your body’s natural detoxer and cleanser, filtering what your body needs and doesn’t need constantly.

By providing adequate liver support, your body can gently begin the process of metabolic detoxification. This process helps your body’s metabolic function improve and boost your metabolism.

Watch a live talk from Phyzix MD official doctor and formulator, Dr. Jeff Davis, at a Bonvera event talking about the Phyzix MD Cleanse program.

An in-depth look at the program.

The Phyzix MD Cleanse is a 10-day program to cut back on sugars, detox and cleanse, eat a clean diet, gain more energy, and lose weight. It comes with Optimizer Plus, Probiotic Max, and both flavors of Metabolizer PH in French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. On the program, the Metabolizer PH is a vegan rice and pea protein to be used for healthy protein shakes or meal replacement shakes. Optimizer Plus provides liver support during the program, and Probiotic Max is a yeast probiotic that helps your body stop craving sugar during the program. With these four key products, your body gets the protein it needs to keep you feeling full and satisfied, while kicking cravings to the curb and helping your liver naturally detox and rid your body of toxins and chemicals.

A step-by-step guide.

However, the program doesn’t just give you these products and expect you to figure out how to eat and follow the program for 10-days. This program also comes with a Phyzix MD Cleanse guide that tells you what the purpose of the program is, why it’s important, and frequently asked questions about this program. For instance, in the frequently asked questions section of the guide, the program answers questions about whether you’ll lose weight, if the cleanse will have you in the bathroom all day, if you can exercise, and so much more. Which, for the record, this cleanse guide will not have you in the bathroom all day, will have you rest and do light exercise, and result in weight loss for most people.

This helpful guide also contains information on how to eat during this program, which means focusing on whole and clean foods while eliminating sugary, processed foods. At the same time, this guide provides sample menus and foods to eat while you are on the cleanse. Seriously, this program makes it easy!

Pictured is Bonvera entrepreneur, Matt, who has used the Phyzix MD Cleanse, and this is his transformation from doing the program for 6 weeks losing 24 lbs! 

A community of support.

Last but certainly not least, this cleanse program comes with an exclusive community, if you’re a part of the Bonvera family. We have a private Facebook group devoted to Phyzix MD products, which is often where others will share their results, helpful tips, advice, and encouragement from the Phyzix MD Cleanse.

The Bonvera community has seen many transformations from this cleanse with people loving the program so much that they’ve stuck with it way beyond the 10-days. For many people, the results of this cleanse have included so much more than weight loss but a healthier perspective on food and eating, an increase in energy and focus, an improved confidence and self-esteem, and just an improved overall well-being.

You may have heard of a cleanse or detox program before, but you haven’t heard of one quite like this that has exceptional products, proper liver support, a step-by-step guide, and a community of support. This cleanse will make the difference this new year, whether you’re set out to lose weight or just get more healthy and fit in 2019.

To purchase the Phyzix MD Cleanse, contact your Bonvera entrepreneur. If you don’t have one, contact our customer service team at support@bonvera.com or call (316) 260 – 2225 to get connected to one in your area.