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How to Bounce Back After Thanksgiving

How to bounce back after Thanksgiving with the Phyzix MD cleanse and detox program.

While Thanksgiving is always a time to celebrate, the holiday normally leaves you with a few unwanted pounds. After you’ve enjoyed all the mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey and pumpkin pie you can stomach, the scale may not thank you. Not to worry, with the Phyzix MD Cleanse, you’ll be feeling great soon after the Thanksgiving celebrations have come to a close. Read on to learn more about each essential part of this quick-start program and how it will get you back on track after Thanksgiving.

Metabolizer PH is a protein powder in the cleanse program.
Metabolizer PH comes into two flavors, Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla, for a rich and tasty shake packed with protein.

Metabolizer PH

This protein shake mix comes in two delicious flavors, Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla. The mix is sugar and Stevia-free, so it fits right into any diet plans or restrictions, especially those who are vegan or lactose-intolerant. Metabolizer PH shakes are a great way to refuel before or after a workout, so you can stay fueled, full and avoid unhealthy foods.

The Phyzix MD Cleanse comes with Optimizer Plus.
One unique thing about the Phyzix MD Cleanse is that it is focused on liver support, which is what Optimizer Plus helps with during the cleanse.

Optimizer Plus

Optimizer Plus supports liver health and balanced detoxification. By promoting liver health, Optimizer Plus helps your body detox from added sugars and alcohol from the holiday. In addition, having a healthy liver means you are able to have more energy and a higher metabolism. Optimizer Plus is so good for your body that it is recommended to be used daily, even after concluding the cleanse, to support overall wellness.

Probiotic Max

The single strain immune probiotic, Probiotic Max, helps support and maintain the health of the large and small intestines. Feeling sluggish after your big Thanksgiving feast? Chances are, your intestines aren’t working at their fullest capacity. By optimizing your intestinal health, your body can more easily digest the foods that aren’t so great and dispel them more quickly. This way, your body is free of the foods that you probably could’ve said no to, and absorbs the nutrients from the food your body is glad you said yes to!

Pictured here is the Phyzix MD Cleanse product line.
Here are a few essentials for the Phyzix MD Cleanse.

The Cleanse Guide

The Cleanse Guide is one of the most essential parts of the complete pack. Why? The guide helps assist you through the program and provides educational support throughout the duration. Getting back on track can be hard to figure out on your own. This guide, does all the hard stuff for you.

Why should you use Phyzix MD Cleanse when there are a million different cleanses on the market? Phyzix MD promotes detoxification in a safe and balanced way. Many cleanses may detox your bodies much too quickly, leaving you feeling weak and unable to digest food properly. With the Phyzix MD Cleanse, taken over ten days, your body can slowly but effectively regulate to optimum health and rid your body over the toxins that make you feel sluggish and bloated. It also kick-starts your metabolism, putting you in a great position to start your weight loss journey.

Talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur to learn more about Phyzix products or purchase the Phyzix MD Cleanse. If you don’t yet have a Bonvera associate, contact customer service by emailing support@bonvera.com or calling (316) 260-2225.