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How to Lose Weight With Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement Shake

We've got a helpful guide on how to use Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement Shake, one of our newest Kutano products, for weight loss.

We at Bonvera have been over the moon to launch one of our newest Kutano moringa products in partnership with I Was Hungry, Daily Nourishment: Meal Replacement Shake. It’s a fantastic meal replacement shake that’s chocolatey and delicious, and it’s perfect for weight loss. It’s the delicious and nutritious way to put something good back in your body while helping you shed the excess pounds in time for warmer weather and summer vacays. Whatever you’re preparing for, whether you’re wanting to lose some extra lbs, make a lifestyle change, or just become healthier with your eating habits, Daily Nourishment is a game changer for your health, and here’s a helpful how-to guide for using it for weight loss.

Here are farmers with I Was Hungry, partners of Bonvera, that are growing the superfood moringa in our Kutano products.
Here are farmers with I Was Hungry, partners of Bonvera, that are growing the superfood moringa in our Kutano products.

Moringa on the Menu

Oftentimes, the hardest part of losing weight and shedding some excess pounds is knowing what to eat. Of course, there are all kinds of sample menus, diet plans, and even keto menu plans out there, but they don’t often include moringa on the menu.

With Daily Nourishment, you’ve got one meal ready to go every day that you use it. For instance, you could drink Daily Nourishment in the morning as a protein-rich and tasty way to start your day that will curb your appetite until lunchtime. Or, if you’d rather, eat a regular breakfast and lunch, and then finish off the day with Daily Nourishment for a light and balanced dinner that’s sure to not only satisfy your late night sweet tooth but also keep you satisfied until morning.

Or perhaps for many of you, lunch is the busiest time. Maybe you’ve got a small break between meetings, or maybe you’ve only got a quick 30 minutes from errands and picking up your kids for all of their extracurricular activities. This is also when Daily Nourishment is a perfect lunchtime pick me up. It provides that 15 grams of protein, while only giving your body 10 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of sugar. Plus, with calcium, iron, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, you’re getting the vitamins and minerals your body craves with the energy boost it needs to keep you going!

With moringa on the menu, you’re going to feel like Superman or Superwoman accomplishing all you need to do while nourishing your body with all the good stuff.

Move It, Move It

Many diets and meal replacement shakes out there leave your body feeling more hungry and sluggish. But, that’s because they don’t have moringa in them. We’ve been bragging on the superfood characteristics of moringa for months now, and we can’t stop. We’ve heard testimonial after testimonial from the Bonvera community, from our partners at I Was Hungry, from our partners at Crown Financial Ministries, and from farmers in Africa about how powerful moringa is for the body.

Moringa’s nutrient dense qualities make it so beneficial for your body. That’s why in parts of Sub Sahara Africa, it’s been referred to as the miracle tree. It’s been used for centuries as one of nature’s best kept secrets for medicinal and health purposes.

With a surge of moringa’s vitamin A, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and antioxidant, you’ll want to move it, move it. Making it to the gym won’t be a struggle, and going for a run will be something your body is equipped to do.

Better Digestion

Another unique thing about Daily Nourishment is that it acts as a prebiotic and probiotic. These both help make sure that you have healthy and “good” bacteria living in your gut. Gut health is so important to reducing your risk for diseases, proper absorption of nutrients for your body, healthy and strong immune system, and so much more.

This is so important as you set out to get healthier and live a more active lifestyle. Not only will you want to build up a stronger and leaner body, but you’ll want a healthy gut helping keep all the good nutrients in your body.

Water is essential to good health and weight loss.

Drink Up

Drink your water, folks. Drinking water is so essential to weight loss, but it’s so essential to living a healthier life. Because our bodies are made up of about 60% water, it’s so important we drink enough water. Water helps regulate our internal temperature, helps us focus and concentrate, replenishes our muscles, regulates our digestion, and hydrates our skin to name a few.

With Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement Shake in our Kutano moringa line, you’re putting some good back into your body. You’re putting key vitamins and minerals into your body while consuming enough protein and limiting carbs and sugars to keep you trim and lean. Try out the Daily Nourishment weight loss shake, whether you’re making a lifestyle change, losing a few extra pounds, or just trying to eat healthier. Make this moringa shake a part of your menu. Purchase today with your Bonvera entrepreneur. Not connected to one yet? Contact support@bonvera.com or call (316) 260 – 2225 to get connected to one today.