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The Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bonvera

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Today, we’re hosting a Q and A of sorts. You’ve asked, and we’re answering. We’re taking on your most frequently asked questions about Bonvera. Here we go!

What is Bonvera?

Bonvera is a company, a culture, and a community. We’re a side hustle, a part-time gig, and for many, a full time occupation. We’re a part of the relationship building business, but we’re also a part of the retail industry and tech industry. We’re innovative and breaking bounds, yet we’re staying true to core values and principles that have lasted beyond the tell of time. Bonvera is a way for you to make money while giving you your life back. The company was created to solve the time, health, and money freedom crises affecting Americans across the country. 

What does the name Bonvera mean?
The name was created especially for this business. The name Bonvera reaches across several languages whose common meaning is “good faith”.

When was Bonvera started?
Bonvera was launched on February 15th, 2016 and was relaunched with new ownership and board on May 1, 2018.

Where is the company’s headquarters?
Knoxville, Tennessee. Go Volunteers!

What is a Bonvera entrepreneur? What is a Bonvera associate?
We use these two terms interchangeably. Our Bonvera associates, or as we like to call them entrepreneurs, are independent business owners building the Bonvera business on their own time and with their own effort.

How do you get started with Bonvera?

Because we’re big on building relationships, we often connect you with an entrepreneur in your local area. Here, they’ll talk to you about how to get started by setting up a BVr1 (or replenishment order that reoccurs every month) and by getting started with our New Way MBA education system. This gets you set up every month with product and with teaching and education principles.

Why get started with our education system?

These education principles are delivered through our training and education system, New Way MBA. These are so important because they teach you how to build a team, how to be a leader in whatever environment you’re in, and how to foster healthy relationships and connections that are great for personal and professional environments. Want a sampling of this? Check out our podcast with Bonvera CEO Bob Dickie as host, Taking the Leap podcast. We interview CEOS, entrepreneurs, Bonvera owners, millennials, authors, tech experts, and leaders from all industries and backgrounds. The common thread through every episode and every leader? They all have key learnings from failures that they leveraged to help them be successful. This is a great way to get a taste of our education system. Perfect for anyone in any industry that wants to learn and keep advancing in their personal and professional life.

Will I really make money?

Absolutely, but you have to put in the work. As with anything, the amount of effort you put in is comparable to the reward you see. With Bonvera’s Compensated Marketplace™, entrepreneurs are able to make money by purchasing Bonvera premium products. They also make money from the purchases of Bonvera products that come from the customers and entrepreneurs they share with. The Compensated Marketplace™ combines e-commerce, a new form of distribution (the entrepreneur!), and a low-cost franchising style system, all to give each entrepreneur the greatest opportunity for success. Bonvera even offers the opportunity to earn rewards on top of compensation like the ability to earn a tropical vacation or a luxury vehicle. More than that though, Bonvera isn’t about fancy cars, big mansions, or flashy clothes. We’re a community and culture built around helping one another, making an impact in this world, and being the difference makers in our communities and across the globe.

Who governs Bonvera?

While Bonvera is made up of thousands of entrepreneurs across the country, the company is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and run by CEO Bob Dickie. Dickie has brought new life into the Bonvera family and leads with confidence and care. Together, Bob and an independent community advisory association (ICAA) board determine the direction of the company. The ICAA is a unique component as each board member is elected by their field members, and they voice their community’s needs. The company also has a board who guides and directs the company made up of notable leaders and industry experts. You can learn more about the ICAA here, and you can learn more about each of our board members here.

Why should I choose Bonvera?

There are a number of reasons to partner with Bonvera as an entrepreneur. For starters, Bonvera gives each of their associates financial and time freedom. This means less tight checkbooks and less full schedules. Bonvera’s platform gives entrepreneurs all of the tools to run a successful business without the hassle of figuring out how to do so by scratch — that’s why we call it a business in a box. There is a more important reason to choose Bonvera — we care. Our platform, education, products, and impact prove that we care more about making an impact in people’s lives than we do about the bottom line. We also believe in continuously educating our entrepreneurs, offering premium products, and giving back to the global community. 

How do you get started?

With three simple steps, you can become a Bonvera entrepreneur. First, get connected to an entrepreneur in your local area. Don’t know how to do that? Just reach out to us at support@bonvera.com and we’ll connect you easily with someone in your region. Next, register as an entrepreneur with product, select a New Way MBA subscription, and plug in to our events and team cultures. Bonvera offers a number of products to sell, from everyday household items, to specialty Bonvera items like luxury skin care and premium coffee. The company was created to put the entrepreneur first, and we do just that.

The last and perhaps most important question — do we have fun?

Why yes, yes we do! This community is not just a group of people. We’re a family. We work hard, and we play hard. We’re built on a meritocracy, and we reward those who are working hard. We love what we do, and we have fun while we’re doing it. Yes, it won’t always be fun, it will be hard — that’s the story of being an entrepreneur. But, the hard times of being in business and learning how to be an entrepreneur are what make the successes that much better. Plus, with our teams and community, we make learning together fun and effortless!

Ready to take the leap? Whether you want to join us part-time as a side hustle or you’re ready to dive head first into this business venture, we’re ready for you. Get connected to an entrepreneur today by contacting us at support@bonvera.com or say hi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and let’s be friends!