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Bon Vera
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The Choices We Make, the Time We Spend, and the Difference that Lasts this New Year

New Year's goals and resolutions for 2020

How does each year seem to pass by quicker than the last? It’s time for a new year and a new season already. No matter where you are, what season of life you’re in, how old you are, whether you’re a novice or a veteran, time is a common factor for all of us. It’s how we use our time that makes the difference. Today, on the blog, we wanted to share something a little bit different — how we use time and why it matters.

Why is time so important? Our choices define our time. How we choose to spend our time is how we choose to spend our lives. In essence then, the things we give time to are the things that define us, whether they are good or bad. Think about it — write down your day. Write down everything you’ve done in a day. Essentially then, how you’ve spent your day speaks to what you believe is important to you.

With that said, what are your days saying about you? When you look at how you’re spending your time, what is it saying about you? Oftentimes, we find that our time is consumed by fast food runs, obligations, people pleasing, choices, ultimatums, long hours, and lack of sleep. You see, our time may reflect those things that control us.

What New Year's goals and resolutions are you setting for 2020?

What words are alive in your life? In the book Windows of the Soul by Ken Gire, he talks about the words made incarnate in our lives. If you were to look at your calendar and look at your days, what words come alive? For many, the words tired and obligated may come to mind. For others, the words joyful and busy may come alive. Even for some, the words fellowship and finances may be those that stick out the most. But, if you could decide, what words would you want to come alive in your calendar and amidst your days?

You see, that’s the thing about Bonvera. We’re a community of entrepreneurs from all over the U.S. who have known the loss of control on our time. We’ve known the obligations, events, daily grind, people pleasing, and debt driven calendars. We’ve known the loss of time and the consequences of that. We’re a community of entrepreneurs that know time and its constraints very well. That’s why we’ve chosen to do something different and you can too.

Here at Bonvera, we believe in using our time to live better. With Bonvera’s world-class nutraceuticals, we can choose to fill our lives (and bellies) with highly bioavailable vitamins, protein powder, bars, and energy supplements. With our premium superfood products, we can choose to fill our pantries and purses with healthy bars, powders, and shakes for fuel and energy that also impacts farmers in Africa. With our incredible skincare products, we can choose to treat our skin with the utmost care while filling our hearts and souls with the confidence and glow we’ve always had inside us. With Bonvera’s partnerships, we can make a difference in the U.S. and around the globe, particularly in Africa and in Latin America, with our purchases. With Bonvera’s education platform, New Way MBA, we get to fill our ears and minds with content that uplifts and encourages us in our professional and personal lives. Most of all, Bonvera’s opportunity to be an entrepreneur gives us the freedom, independence, and autonomy to steer our own lives in the direction we so choose.

The people in this company believe in the power of time, and they believe in using it to the fullest to impact people, communities, and the world. If you were to take a look at how they spend their time, you might find they spend it working hard on growing their business, spending time encouraging their teams, speaking at various events, sitting down to talk with someone about the business, and spending time at home with their family and kids. Some may even share they are working an additional job before they can do this full-time, they’re listening to podcasts and watching videos late at night to stay up-to-date, they’re reading books instead of watching tv, and they’re hustling for their dreams.

In either sense, you’ll find that these words are the ones that reside in our community — freedom, autonomy, choices, independence, family, serving, teaching, learning, generous, and active. These are just a few we see come alive in this community. Are these words that reside in your hearts and in your calendars? If you’re ready to start taking control over your time and you’re ready to breathe life back into your busy calendars and long days, now is the time. The choice is always yours.

We're ready to make New Year's goals and resolutions different in 2020.

If you aren’t careful, another year will come and go. Another year will pass by with weight we didn’t lose, healthy choices we didn’t make, education we didn’t plug into, time we didn’t use with our kids, impact we missed out on, and the list goes on and on. Time doesn’t change; it’s our choices that do. What will you choose this year?