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Bon Vera
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True, Lasting, Sustainable Health & Active Living

Every year, most of us, if not all of us, want to get healthier. We sit down and we evaluate our health from the past year. We made some unhealthy choices this year, and we made some healthy choices too. We may have eaten way too many sweets, or we may have eaten way too many chips and crackers. Every year, we look at our health, we measure it and we look at ways to improve it. But what if there was a different perspective we needed to take altogether? This year, let’s look at sustainable health and active living.

First off, why? Year after year, we might try a yo-yo diet, a go-to-the-gym-every-single-day streak, or the hottest new product on the market. But, if we’re honest, they don’t work, do they? They don’t stick. We fall off the diet, we lie in bed when we should have gone to the gym, and the new product isn’t sustainable. Because of this, we need a different approach to health and active living. This same kind of thinking isn’t getting us where we want to go.

Which leads us to our next point, where do we want to go in our health? Many of us would say we want to lose weight, we want to feel better, we want to have more energy, we want to fit into our old pair of jeans, and we want to eat without guilt and shame. However, that isn’t what we truly want, is it? What we all really want is to feel confident, to feel secure in our appearance, to see consistent results, and to see a lasting change. However, yo-yo diets, the hottest new products, and a go-to-the-gym-every-single-day mindset isn’t what achieves those results. What achieves those results is a mindset shift.

If we want sustainable health that’s full of consistent results, confidence, security, and lasting change, we have to change our perspective on health. We must change our perspective on our bodies, our intake, our energy, and our movement. It must start with our mind, and our body will follow suit.

So, what does that look like? It looks like balance. If you’re going to be healthy and active not just now but for the rest of you’re life, you’re going to need some balance. You’ll need regular exercise with periods of regular rest. For some, that may mean you’ll miss the gym a few days, but it means you pick back up and you go back again. You’ll need regular and consistent sleep, which means making sleep a priority in your life and reminding yourself it isn’t lazy or unproductive. You’ll need a balance in carbs, protein, and fats, but it also means you can indulge in the things you love every once in a while. You’ll need supplements and vitamins in place for those days you don’t quite meet your daily limit. You’ll need to treat your body with respect and care reminding yourself that little steps of progress are way more sustainable than huge steps of progress you can’t maintain for the long term.

For many, this different mindset means sacrifice and commitment. However, it also results in things you’d never get with any yo-yo diet, workout streak, or fad product. With a different mindset in living an active lifestyle that’s sustainable for the rest of your life, you won’t be deprived and unsatisfied. You’ll see results in your body, you’ll see results in your mind, and you’ll see the satisfaction of confidence that radiates from sticking with something that actually works.

Listen in to hear why Dr. Jeff Davis created the Phyzix MD line!

At Bonvera, our mission is to help people live better in their lives. One of the primary areas we want to help people live better is in their health. That’s why we carry a Phyzix MD line of nutraceuticals that’s made up of highly bioavailable ingredients that’s verified and confirmed to contain the ingredients the label claims to have. They’re formulated in partnership with a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Jeff Davis, who believes in returning to the basics of sleep, exercise, nutrition, and movement to achieve optimal health.

You won’t live better with less sleep, no exercise, little movement, and poor nutrition, but you also won’t live better depriving yourself of what you love, beating yourself up for not exercising, sleeping all day long, and never eating good fuel for your body. If you want to live better, it lies within your mindset on what real, true, and sustainable health really is.

Interested in learning more about our Phyzix MD line and Dr. Jeff Davis’s expertise? Visit us at www.bonverahq.com/phyzix-md or drop us a question at support@bonvera.com!