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Get the Scoop on Daily Nourishment, a Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss

Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement Shake made with moringa is a great product for weight loss.

Not too long ago, we launched one of our newest Kutano moringa products, Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement Shake, and we recently offered it for sale on Cyber Monday. It’s a meal replacement shake designed for weight loss that’s nourishing your body to good health. Full of powerful nutrients from one of the hottest superfoods, moringa, this meal replacement shake is unlike others on the market. But that’s not all, we’re sharing the scoop on the other powerful benefits inside this shake.

Daily Nourishment is vegan.

This meal replacement shake that comes in a tasty chocolate, scoopable powder does not contain any animal sourced ingredients. This makes it easy to use and convenient for anyone with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Daily Nourishment is gluten free.

This is another awesome feature of Daily Nourishment. This chocolate shake formula does not contain any gluten, and it’s safe for those with celiac disease.

Bonvera is thrilled to launch a new moringa weight loss shake called Daily Nourishment in our Kutano moringa line.

Daily Nourishment is made with a protein blend.

Many similar protein powders are made with a whey protein blend or soy protein blend. What’s unique about Daily Nourishment? It’s made with three sources of protein including pea protein, rice protein, and moringa powder. These three different sources of protein help improve absorption.

Daily Nourishment is low calorie and low glycemic.

Many other protein powders or weight loss shakes comparable to Daily Nourishment are higher in calories and sugars. At just 110 calories and 5 grams of sugar, this is a low calorie and low glycemic option. Since it’s so low in calories and sugars, it won’t spike your blood sugar levels, but rather will help regulate your blood sugar levels. It’s perfect for weight loss or a training program!

Daily Nourishment is a prebiotic and probiotic blend.

This is something extremely unique about Daily Nourishment as compared to other meal replacement formulas out there. Daily Nourishment has a blend of prebiotic and probiotic nutrients. These are vital to gut health and total body health. Prebiotics act to help grow and nourish good bacteria in your gut, while probiotics are live bacteria ingested to directly add to the good bacteria in your gut. You can read more about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics in this article by Mayo Clinic. This prebiotic/probiotic blend has 27 published peer reviewed studies that prove its effectiveness, and its most recent study proves this prebiotic/probiotic blend helps the body absorb protein.

Essentially, having a blend of both prebiotics and probiotics is so good for your gut health. It helps improve digestion, reduces gas, and improves regularity.

Daily Nourishment is a balanced meal.

Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement shake is just that — a meal replacement shake. It’s designed to replace a balanced meal of healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It has 110 calories with 15 grams of protein from pea protein, rice protein, and moringa, and it has only 1 gram of fat. It’s designed to keep you full and satisfied for 3-4 hours, while many other shakes leave you hungry and ready to snack.

Daily Nourishment is a B-vitamin blend.

With the power of moringa, Daily Nourishment is fueled with lots of vitamins and minerals ranging from vitamin D, calcium, iron, and magnesium to vitamin B6 and B12. This B-vitamin blend helps your body produce its own energy naturally. You won’t be crashing in the afternoons with this shake. You’ll be energized and refreshed!

Daily Nourishment is delicious!

Oftentimes, the most important thing to any weight loss shake or meal replacement shake is how it tastes. With Daily Nourishment, you won’t have to worry about a chalky powder leaving you wanting more. This shake is delicious and so tasty. You’ll be craving this chocolate shake as your afternoon pick-me-up or when your sweet tooth cravings hit! Mix it with ice cold water, and it’s a refreshing, lite shake, or add it to milk and it becomes a rich, creamy chocolate shake! It will taste like a treat, but it’s actually incredibly nutritious and good for you.

Learn more about our partnership with I Was Hungry and the farmers in Sub Saharan Africa at the video above!

Daily Nourishment is more than just a meal replacement shake.

Last but certainly not least, Daily Nourishment is so much more than just a meal replacement or weight loss shake. It’s a product that impacts and influences the lives of consumers like you and the lives of farmers who grow the superfood inside it. The moringa inside this meal replacement shake is grown by the hands of farmers, many of whom are women, in parts of Sub Saharan Africa in partnership with I Was Hungry. I Was Hungry provides training on sustainable agriculture practices that allows them to not only grow this moringa for their families and communities, but it allows them to sell the surplus at a profit, share their training with up to 10 other people, and give generously to others. It’s radically shifting poverty and hunger in these areas, and it’s equipping farmers to steward their resources well and step into entrepreneurial pursuits for their families, their communities, and future generations.

A percentage of every purchase of Daily Nourishment goes back to these farmers in Zimbabwe and Malawi to help support these stewardship training centers with I Was Hungry. This meal replacement shake not only fuels you, but it fuels these farmers today and onward.

Daily Nourishment: A Meal Replacement Shake is a step above other meal replacement or weight loss shakes. It’s tasty and delicious, yet incredibly nutritious because of its moringa base. With its unique features, benefits, and impact, Daily Nourishment is a product we’re proud to offer the Bonvera community. Having great results with Daily Nourishment? We want to hear about it. Send us an email with your testimonial at marketing@bonvera.com!