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Fact or Fiction: Do Multivitamins Protect You from Disease?

Multivitamins are excellent for foundational nutrition and support.

You may see multivitamins being sold in every store, but why take one? What exactly is a multivitamin? It’s important to understand what you are putting in your body and what benefits it may have. Multivitamins can be misleading but below we will dispel some misunderstandings about the supplement and explain the benefits of taking a multivitamin.

What is a multivitamin?

The goal of a multivitamin is to provide the user with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals that are commonly lacking in the everyday diet. There is no real standard to a multivitamin. They can come in capsules, tablets or gummies. They can contain any mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. It is important to read the ingredients and supplement facts of your multivitamin to understand more about the specific multivitamin you choose to take.

Fact or Fiction?

  • They can make up for poor eating habits. Fiction: While a multivitamin may be able to provide a supplement to essential vitamins and nutrients you are lacking in your diet, there is no quick fix to a poor diet. A multivitamin contains small amounts of multiple vitamins and minerals. If you are deficient in a certain nutrient, Healthline.com recommends taking a supplement only containing that specific nutrient. Again, there’s nothing better than real, nutrient-rich foods when trying to mend poor eating habits.
  • They are always a good idea. Fiction: Sadly, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Some nutrients, or water-soluble nutrients, are immediately expelled by the body. Others, called fat-soluble nutrients, are stored in our fat and build up over time causing issues within our bodies. One fat-soluble vitamin for some to watch out for is Vitamin A. A build-up of Vitamin A in women who are pregnant has been linked to birth defects. Other studies show that excess Vitamin A in smokers leads to a higher risk of lung disease.
  • They protect from disease. Some fact, some fiction: According to a study done by Harvard Medical School, multivitamins can lower the risk of cancer in males by 8 percent. So, yes, multivitamins can help protect against cancer in men. However, some studies have found no effect, so it truly depends on the person. Many believe that multivitamins can protect against heart disease. This is fiction. Multiple studies, cited on this article by Healthline, have shown no link between lowered risk of heart disease and regularly taking multivitamins.
Multivitamins are excellent for foundational nutrition and support.
Multivitamins are excellent foundational support for your nutrition needs. 

So why take a multivitamin?

While there are many myths about taking a multivitamin, there are still real benefits to regularly taking the supplement. Multivitamins have been shown to stimulate increased brain function and even support strong eye health. Phyzix MD Multivitamin Plus, for example, supports foundational wellness, detoxification and individuals with stressful lifestyles. The capsule contains Vitamins C and E, which both stimulate antioxidant activity. You should always look at the supplement facts, such as the one on the Phyzix MD multivitamins so you can understand and trust what you are putting into your body.

While choosing the right multivitamin might be hard, keep these facts in mind so you know what brands you can trust. Always be sure to check the supplemental facts and understand that a supplement is not a long term fix for a poor diet. If you want to start taking a multivitamin from someone you can trust, try out Phyzix MD Multivitamin Plus. With Phyzix MD, you can get all the great benefits of a daily supplement, without the worry.

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