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5 Ways to Share Bonvera with Family and Friends

The most important way to share Bonvera with family and friends is to share your story and what their next step is.

Being a Bonvera entrepreneur has many benefits, perks and rewards. The advantages of being a Bonvera entrepreneur are too good not to be shared. Here in this blog post we’ll look at 5 specific ways you can share Bonvera with your family and friends.

Our Phyzix MD products are a great way to share Bonvera with family and friends.
Just a few of our Phyzix MD products pictured here! 

1. Share Your Healthy Lifestyle

Our friends and family are those we count on to motivate us, push us and encourage us to lead healthy lives. With exclusive access to our health and wellness products, such as Phyzix MD, you can spur each other on to reach your fitness goals, all while using products that are made uniquely for every member of the family.

Our line includes multivitamins, supplements, healthy snacks, protein powder and healthy energy supplements and drinks the whole family can use and enjoy.

Another way to share Bonvera with family and friends is with our Luebella skin care products.
Our Luebella skin care system includes a facial cleanser, day cream, night cream and anti-aging serum. 

2. Share Your Beauty Treatment

Ladies, who do you go to when you need skin care recommendations, makeup tips and beauty regimens? Your closest group of friends. Your friends are the people you count on for honest recommendations, tried-and-true tips and real beauty advice.

For your next girls night in, what if you brought along some of your favorite Luebella products? You could sample the products, get feedback, see the results and share your skin transformations with one another. Throw in a pizza and you’ve got the perfect girls night in!

Another way to share Bonvera is by sharing your successes with your family and friends because of Bonvera.
Some of our Bonvera entrepreneurs receiving recognition at one of our training events for their hard work and dedication! 

3. Share Your Successes

Some advantages of being an entrepreneur and customer means more time, more financial freedom and more convenience. These often mean the most to your loved ones.

For example, as a customer, shopping with Bonvera could mean that you save yourself a weekly 1-2 hour grocery trip with kids in-tow, a drive across town and monthly savings on groceries. For the entrepreneur, partnering with Bonvera might mean that you earn extra income for your family and invest in their future while getting to build a business and learn from world-class leaders. Either way, for both the customer and entrepreneur, the rewards are priceless and definitely worth sharing.

Another way to share Bonvera with family and friends is to share your perks with them.
As a Bonvera entrepreneur, you’ve experienced first hand the results from these amazing products. Share your secret to better health and better skin with family and friends!

4. Share Your Perks

Whether you’re a customer or entrepreneur within Bonvera, you’ve discovered the exclusive proprietary line of products — Phyzix MD and Luebella. You’ve experienced firsthand the results from these products, whether you’re taking better care of your skin or becoming healthier and more active.

Others may see your skin glowing and wonder what you’re doing. Or they might see you pursuing a more active lifestyle and slimming down. What a great opportunity to share about your new favorite products and how they’re impacting your life!

The most important way to share Bonvera with family and friends is to share your story and what their next step is.
Pictured are some of our entrepreneurs at a training event. 

5. Share Your Story (and Their Next Step!)

The opportunity to earn a little extra money and have a business venture all your own is worth it. Or leaving a full-time job to pursue this opportunity and become an entrepreneur is rewarding work.

Share this business opportunity with your family and friends. You’ve experienced the rewards, sacrifices, time, hard work, and benefits of pursuing this entrepreneurial opportunity, so why not share it with the ones you love?

There are so many ways you can introduce Bonvera to your family and friends. Talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur today to learn more. If you don’t have a Bonvera entrepreneur, email customer service  or call (316) 260-2225 to get connected today!